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Don't Let That Old Car Bring Down Your Property Value

Let our auto salvage team in Walden, Middletown or Newburgh, NY pick it up

Do you have a car that's either been totaled or is at the end of its life? If it won't run, how can you remove it from your property? Contact Pat's Towing. Our staff in Walden, Middletown or Newburgh, NY will gladly come out and remove an unwanted vehicle. Cars that don't run anymore are an excellent source of auto salvage parts, so we'll gladly put your old vehicle to use.

Our auto salvage yard would love to have your old vehicle. Call 845-561-4004 now to have it towed away.

Recycle your old auto parts at our salvage yard

If you need parts to repair a vehicle, the team at Pat's Towing can help with that, too. The junked cars we take in are a great source of auto salvage parts for other vehicles. We're an especially great place to find parts for older cars. You can find a fender, a headlight or an entire engine in our auto salvage yard.

Come by today and see what auto salvage parts are available. Visit our main location in Newburgh, NY.